Garry's mod - Flatgrass 13

So hi guys.
I’m just posting my “Trailer” kinda stuff here too, if you are interested. So I’ll copy paste some of my stuff from the description, but hey:

It is not an official trailer, it’s just for fun, so don’t take it seriously.
It only took me about 30 mintues to create, so it’s also not a 50hours rendertime movie.

So, please enjoy it, and “Go go Garry’s mod!”

The link to it:

TheMarcee alias Hammond

whats wrong with you
id have smacked your cheeks just for that if i was your parent


he means it is bad and he would’ve kicked your ass if he was your dad/mom

Then why would he rate it “Winner”, if he want to kick me?

because of your skill to make it so bad maybe?
I’ll admit, I smiled at the nyan cat part.

it was so bad

What the hell were you expecting?
I’ll say it one more time:
“It only took me about 30 mintues to create”
Is your life happy now?

If it’s so bad then don’t upload it.

It’s that simple, it’s like the people who always claim “this is in beta right now so don’t expect much” and move onto something else. Stop making excuses, either make something better or stop making videos.

Why did you post it here then?

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Imagine you have a nice room. There are some nice posters and paintings and pictures hanging on the wall. Then someone hangs up a big picture of a turd they took. Would you like that?

Do you know where I could buy said poster?

Why is it called Flatgrass if it isn’t flat?

The background has hills, but the actual playable map is flat. GOSH

Are you 12?

No but I’m pretty sure you are mr.robloxian

How does that make me 12

Go go garrysmod? The fuck?

it sucks monkey fuck

lol i bet this thread didnt go as op planned