Garry's Mod Flatline Sound... Where is it?

I have not played Gmod in a while (I’d say roughly 2 years) and I was wondering if the flat-line sound is still around. The classic de-de, de-de, de, de, deeeeee sound that everyone has come to love when they get slaughtered in Gmod. Well, if that sound is still around, I was wondering if anybody knew where that file is exactly. I’ve done some digging around on my computer (and the internet… extensively…) and I can’t seem to find this bugger. If anyone could help me out with a file location, link, or anything else your help would be so very much appreciated.


Download GCFScape

Then go to:

C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/source sounds.gcf

Double click source sounds.gcf then go to:


And I think that is the one you’re talking about?

I’ve been looking through all the folders, including HL1, and I can’t seem to find it. But then you mentioned the fvox/flatline.wav sound, so I checked it out… that’s not the sound either… I especially looked through “Player” and “vo” and that didn’t wield me any result either. Although, I do not think it’s actually a sound in source.

It may or may not be generated by the engine by using a beep sample run through a bit of volume modification.

Well shit… that would be a valid explanation as to why I can’t find it anywhere. If that is the case (sounds pretty likely) it would suck.

  1. Go to Garry’s Mod
  2. Noclip high up
  3. Start audacity
  4. ‘kill’ in console
  5. stop audacity
  6. watch as your body hits the ground pulled by the incredible force of gravity
  7. you now have death.wav

Pretty sure that I found it once in one of the Half-Life 2 or Source Engine Base .gcf’s. Don’t know the exact location of it today though, but it’s in there. If not in there, try one of the Half-Life 1 GCF’s

Why didn’t I think of that? I mean, it’s redneck like all hell, but it would work.