Garry's Mod folder problem

The “Garrysmod” folder in the steam folder is completely empty, with no files in it at all.

(Drive C> Program Files> Steam> Steamapps> Railgunmaster_22> Garry’s Mod> nothing in this folder.)

I can’t install any mods, or remove something I installed before that broke my copy. Uninstalling the game then reinstalling doesn’t fix it, the folder still shows up as empty.
Is there any way to fix this? And yes, I’ve started the game to try and get the folders to show up. That won’t work either.

It should be /steam/steamapps/<steamname>/garrysmod/garrysmod/ then the addons, models, etc folders.

Can we get a working link to your steam profile, maybe with a message like “Hi Facepunch”

I know what it should be, but the first garrysmod folder is completely empty. Nothing in it.

And railgunmaster_22 is my steam name.

Can’t find your Steam Profile…

You can manually create the folders if needed. addons, maps, models, materials, etc

Thank you, I didn’t know that manually creating them would work.

EDIT: It still doesn’t work.
I added garrysmod>addons and put my addons in, but they still will not show up in the game.