Garry's Mod for mac, otherwise known as GMAC

So, when GMac is released will we see a discounted price, maybe for like a couple hours or something? Because if so i want to buy 4 for all my mac gaming friends.

I just want to know if there will be a sale.


How about No ! You crazy dutch bastard !!!
Wait my bad 7 Euros per game on Steam.

How about you just wait UNTIL IT COMES OUT.


That would be a pretty good idea, offer like a “Buy Garry’s Mod on a Mac, get one copy half price!”

That saying always comes into my head whenever I say no.

Glad I’m not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think GMOD on Mac is promotion enough tbh.

Who said I was dutch, and why are you such a dick? All i wanted to know is if there was going to be a sale, so I could buy multiple copies… I’m already planning on buying a few copies, just want to know if there will be a sale. Not saying i am too cheap to buy 1 copy for 10 bucks… I just want to know, incase i want extra copies for friends.

It’s a reference to Austin Powers: Gold member. He’s not being a dick, only an idiot who used to be on a Warez team. To answer your question, no one really knows if there will be a sale or not. Steam is usually pretty good with sales, but it might be up to Garry.