Garry's Mod for Mac?

As the title suggests I am wondering if Garry’s Mod will be coming to Mac with the recent release of steam for Mac if anyone can shed some light on this that would be great

It will when Garry is finished porting to the new engine.

Garry said that he will do all he can to make it happen.

Probably not because you couldn’t freeze objects in mid air, and that would make it 1,000 times harder.

And welcome to Facepunch, MagicMert!


those jokes are really getting repetitive

Wasn’t supposed to be a joke, it’s just true.

Then you’re retarded.

Was that really necessary?


In what way?

hurr durr i am peesee elitist i am best. both machines have their advantages & disadvantages.

Not really a PC is the nice harley davidson but can wreck if you’re completely retarded. A mac is a tricycle that you have to ride on the side walk that’s safe but retarded and good for nothing, also it usually doesn’t wreck since it’s on the side walk.


OH my god you believed that rage comic with portal for mac…

Hey… you guys ever though about getting a USB mouse? problem solved… Idiots.


“Hai dar I hav nvr herd of 3rd prtee moos”

I’d wager about 80% of Mac gamers use 3rd party mice. I know, I was frustrated with my mighty mouse because it is impossible to left and right click at the same time.

If I may explain this further, the mighty mouse uses a very simple capacitive sensor on each side. Unfortunately there is only one physical button used to sense clicks. To detect which click it detects which capacitive sensor has a finger on it. If ONLY the right one has been triggered when the button is pressed, then it sends a “right click” signal. If the left one is triggered, no matter the status of the right one, it sends out “left click.”

This has frustrated many people, because they have both fingers on the mouse, so they press with the right one, but it still sends a left click because the left finger is on the left side, triggering the left capacitive sensor. You have to only have your right finger on the mouse to right click.

I never really needed the ability to left and right click at the same time until I got Garry’s Mod, so I was content. Once I got GMod, I bought a Logitech VX Nano, a nifty little mouse with a variety of applications, that fits right in your hand.

In other words, Jiggmin, I am perfectly able to play GMod on my Apple computer, you argument ignores third party mice, which makes you an ignorant fool.

Also, I don’t have to use Windows to play GMod. Any Mac users interested in learning about how, the easiest way is probably Crossover Games, at

It is a variant of Wine, designed with ease of use. It is well worth the money. They have an expert support team who has helped me with many problems, and they are constantly updating it, with free updates for a year.

It is mostly stable, but it does cut your performance down quite a bit. For example, I run L4D2 at almost full settings when on Windows, but in Crossover I have most anything on low or medium. Also Anti-Aliasing is disabled in Crossover. Crossover supports ALL source games, and ALL goldsrc games, is especially configured for Steam, can run many games that are not on Steam, and is able to “boot” in seconds, unlike Fusion or other emulators, which actually run 2 operating systems at once. Crossover does have slow loading times, because it has to convert the Journaled format files on your hard drive to Windows compatible files on the fly, but other than a few problems is really the best solution for Windows games on a Macintosh.

/wall of text.

Yes it is btw unlike most people I like to crash my car into the baby on the tricycle (Read previous post for refrence).

It seems like Garry will do everything possible to get it.

Hopefully itll come sometime soon. And yes, I can right click.