Garry's Mod for the Mac, Good or Bad idea?

Poll will be up in a minute.
Personally, I don’t care really.

Two topics on the first page?

Didn’t we do this already?

It’s happening get over it

Indifferent idea. Stop getting butthurt that mac users can use games now. they’ve been doing it since forever on Bootcamp anyway. The same applies with Linux users, we have been using Wine to varying successes, usually failures mind you.

But you just know someone is going to ask why their tf2 earbuds aren’t showing up.

Linux is nice. I’d like to try it sometime.

Why did you make a thread just to say you don’t care about the subject you made a thread about :frog:

Who gives a fuck? They are a different system, and it’s good that Garry’s Mod is expanding. Honestly nobody cares except a few people. And those few people are ignorant fools.

Well it can’t possibly be a bad idea, seems quite logical.

Garry wins despite what all the Trolls think.

If your not happy for VALVe or Garry for expanding their horizons. You are not a true fan of VALVe.

I don’t care since it would affect me in any way, but I guess Mac users deserve some heaven.

There are idiots who use any OS, that is not really an argument against Macs, more one against any idiots

The only reason I had Windows 7 on my Macbook was for steam.

Now I can finally reclaim my 32GB of space.

I failed, I meant “I don’t care” not “Bad Idea”.

Mac can suck my nut. I dont want to help Mac noobs with Gmod :effort:

(flame? no… just my thought :P)

mac users are usually more mature than windows users, due to the fact kids can’t afford a mac.

These so called Mac Noobs could’ve been playing GMod with bootcamp the newcomers can learn by just simply going on singleplayer and learning the basic controls…

That makes no sense at all… A lot of people’s gaming computers, especially some kid’s computers cost as much as a Mac. Anyways, Windows is just an overall more known operating system. So most people’s parents would probably rather buy their kids a computer using the Windows operating system. If I go into Best Buy looking forward to buying an Xbox 360, but then they say you could get an Xbox 361 (Random name, obviously.) for the same price, I’d get the Xbox 360, because that’s what more people would know.

Anyways, I don’t care either way if Mac users play Garry’s Mod. Mac users aren’t fags, and Windows users aren’t fags. Mac has some shitty features, Windows has some shitty features.

you know my gaming pc only cost me 750$ with pretty high specs. while you’d need about 1200-1500$ to buy a equalivent mac. so more mature players. more happy players