Garry's Mod Force Download Issues

Hello all,

Sorry to start a thread about such a nooby issue, But I am having alot of problems with it and don’t know where else to turn. I have tried the following methods:

resource.AddFile( "/materials/models/tdmcars/shared/black.vmt" )
resource.AddSingleFile( "/materials/models/tdmcars/shared/black.vmt" )

And these don’t seem to be working at all, I have placed the file inside Lua/autorun, Lua/autorun/server and Lua/autorun/client And still nothing. All the files are on my Fast Download and it’s setup correctly as I can download the map quickly using the fast download.

Thanks in advance.

Put this is “lua/autorun/server”

if (SERVER) then
	resource.AddFile( "materials/models/tdmcars/shared/black.vmt" )

I’ll give it a try.

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That didn’t work. I didn’t receive any downloads at all.

If it helps I am running on Debian 6.

Can you see the models? And are they in the server files?

I always get mistaken with the file locations. Also double check to make sure its in the FastDL properly

Everything is in the right folder, I have checked this multiple times.

Bump. I still need help with this.