Garry's Mod forcing me to download games?

I’m not on my regular computer, so I installed Half-Life 2 and Garry’s Mod. Which should be enough to be able to play Garry’s Mod. So I launched Garry’s Mod but it was taking forever to get to the main menu. I closed Garry’s Mod in the Process Manager. When I went to steam, I saw that Episode 1, Episode 2, Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2 were automatically downloading. What the hell? Can’t I play Garry’s Mod with only Half-Life 2? I can’t use much hard drive space on this computer.

Please help and thank You.

Wait for GMOD to load. Go to extensions and in game contents mark only HL2. Restart GMOD.
Cancel all downloads.
Go to steam/steamapps and delete all GFCs you don´t want (EP1, EP2 etc)
Restart steam.

Or, he could just uncheck everything except HL2, exit gmod, pause the downloads, right click and delete local content.
No need to remove the GCFs manually.

Also its spelled GCF as in Game Cache File.

Thanks I’ll test it.

I thought it won’t even download other games for you to use in GMod, unless something changed or…

did you actually purchase the games? If so, then why don’t you want them installed?

He already told you that. He has got limited hard drive space, so he doesn’t want Steam to sync his account on his other PC.

I did this on a LAN once. Just pause the other games, but make sure Half Life 2 and any other games you want mounted is white and not yellow (updating).