Garry's Mod FPS Lag Below 30 Frames

Hello There.

When i play gmod on single player, Or even on a DarkRP server.
My FPS can drop below 30 when there’s to many props on screen. And no lighting or Lamps on RP_Downtown Or on GM_Construct.

I have an i7 2600k @ 4.5
GTX 670

And garrys mod seems to just lag when it shouldn’t.
The game is still playable, But i know that Garry’s mod should run smoother. BF3 runs maxed out Borderlands 2 runs maxed out.
Garry’s mod dose but will drop in fps after 40-50 props.

Is Garry’s mod just not optimized for today’s cards due to the older source engine?


No multicore rendering in version 13

Yeah I also noticed that the FPS is not that good even though I have a very decent PC. Sometimes it just falls below 40 while my GPU usage doesn’t even exceed 15%. Can we expect it to be any better in the future or is it now as good as it will ever get?

In my opinion, removing multicore rendering for a crash that seems infrequent doesn’t seem like the best solution to the problem, unless there was another reason that it was removed.

It runs like shite when it’s not on, even without it still crashes.

So that’s why my FPS is shit now? Wtf.

How about re-adding it? Some people actually play the game instead of pretending to be photographers (I assume the “crash” had to do with the postprocessing effects).

It’s not hard adding it back with it off by default.

Yeah we can thank Garry for fucking up the framerate.

Has anyone tried requesting that it be re-enabled?

Just tired of getting a rather low FPS with minimal addons.

Where would we request it? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Garry post something in a thread in this section, but let’s hope he takes a look in here.

Development section? I’m pretty sure it would get a lot more attention in there? Maybe?

So he explains what he ‘has’ to do, but gives no indication whether or not
he is going to (guessing he isn’t), and then locks the thread. Wow. Bone the
entire userbase out of ~60% fps increase, or prevent a crash no one experienced in
the first place. . . TOUGH CALL.

Can’t speak for anyone else, but for me the game has crashed more during these
last 3 months than it ever has in the past few years.

How do you people get so much FPS lag? I have an intel HD 3k series but I still run at 80 FPS on low-ish.


It’s Garry. He took away multicore rendering for a supposed “fix” for a crash no one has ever had. This in turn has tanked the FPS of a LOT of people.


That’s a shock. God forbid people have the option so they can get their framerate back. And yeah. NO one has had a problem with it before. Or maybe a very small majority has. Hence providing an option.

One bad decision after another, eh Garry?

Guessing this thread is going to be locked as well, since he seems very adamant when it comes to not enabling it/changing it back to the way it was.

Oh well, was worth a try.

If he does, that is not a way to react to a bug that’s doing a lot of bad amongst low-end users. He should at least investigate if he could enable it without that ‘crash’ which is nonexistent.

I only found frame rate problems when im on a RP server :S

Inb4 garry tells us not to play on roleplay servers, anyone remember when Steve Jobs told people they were holding their iPhone’s wrong?

(User was banned for this post ("dumb 'inb4' reply" - postal))

Even though I usually get about 40 FPS on high settings with only slight lag due to things like the new lamps I’d still like multicore rendering. NEVER caused a problem for me and boosted FPS.

I know that for some reason DarkRP lowers my fps, even on the same map.