Garry's Mod freaking out when I join a server...

Whenever I join a server, the game freezes for 3 seconds, then its fine for half a sec, then does that again.

I have no real framerate drops and I can also play other source games with good fps.
But during the freezing part, I can’t open console, type, or do anything. It seems that gmod is locking itself up for 3 secs

Is there a way to fix this?

Does it keep freezing up or just 2 times in a row? if it i just twice you are fine.

It used to do it twice then does “refresh sound” and I would be set
Now it just keeps on freezing like that

Delete the Clietregisty.Blob and Game Verification.txt

Where would I find Game verification txt

It should be In your Steam folder
Program Files -> Steam -> Game Verification.txt the Restart steam

Its just the MOTD loading, I think.

Thanks so much 50 CAL, it worked