Garry's Mod freezes at "Intilizing game data" when starting a server

Garry’s Mod freezes at “Intilizing game data” when starting a server, I tryed local server and unlocal server and still the same problem.

EDIT: Single player is fine though.

How long do you wait? Garry’s Mod tends to freeze during loading.

About 1 hour and a half.

Did it work alright before? I’m assuming it did, by the nature of your post.

I suggest checking your game-files if-not ultimately reinstalling GMOD. You probably got some corrupted files by modding, downloading mods even the configs you cannot see but do alter when connecting to a server. There is probably a direct fix for your issue that is more accurate, but it works 75% of the time. If-not update graphics drivers and such. See if any of your RAM died.

Yeah, probably a root install muck.
Maybe try validating and defragging, I don’t think reinstalling would do much.