Garry's mod freezes at the start screen after the update

Okay, I know this has been asked an infinite amount of times, but has there been any fix or remedies for Gmod since the latest update. I’ve been hesitant to ask about it. But I’ve looked everywhere, and I’m also not really experienced with Gmod (192 hours) I’ve deleted addons in my Garry’s mod folder, didn’t work. Some people got this issue fixed by “validating” their TF2 files, what does validating mean in this context by the way, and how do you do that? Even though I deleted my TF2 folder with many Gmod addons, I would still like an answer. Would I need TF2, again? I hope not. (I would also like to note TF2 was mounted before uninstalling a month or two ago). I’ve looked around on the steam forums, but not many answers. Just many others as confused as me.
Gmod was running just fine on my laptop prior to this. If needed just in case if its relevant, my PC Specs:
Windows 8.1
ASUS X551C(laptop)
Intel i3
DDR3 1600 4GB
64 Bit
I haven’t gotten farther than the start menu and I have to restart my computer. And I’m also aware some people aren’t having issues while some have it worse. And some have gotten this problem fixed. I’ll be searching the forum for answers. If you have any info, it would be greatly appreciated. If you like to redirect me to a thread that may help me, please do so.
If there are no fixes or remedies that may help me, I’ll just wait. Thank you.