Garry's Mod freezes instantly when trying to load a map in singleplayer

Title. This has happened since I tried starting it up yesterday, and I haven’t added any addons in a week. Anyone having the same problem?

It also freezes for roughly 15m while loading up the start menu, but I’m not sure what that is and I’ve had it since I started playing.

Any ideas how to fix this? I looked around the internet but it mostly relates to people CRASHING, not freezing.

Garry’s working on fixing it.

Send him any crash logs if you want too.

I’ve got the same problem, and it’s not crashing, it’s freezing and hogging 25% of CPU usage until I manually force it to quit (either via killing the application or the hl2.exe process via task manager). This didn’t happen to me before my hiatus in early June, but when I went back to play yesterday, it was being extremely slow.
How do you get a crash log if it’s just freezing, exactly?

You can’t. I know there was an issue in the last with a memory leak that would increase your CPU usage exponentially over time, but I think that’s fixed.

I had this problem ages ago (GMod 12), It was caused by loading junk addons, remove all files and folders inside addons folder and retry.

Oh, ok. Guess I just gotta wait then

Thanks guys