Garry's mod Freezes when I am joining a server or starting Singleplayer game

Hello everyone!

So I recently got this Problem that my Garry’s mod seems to not respond at these points:
Receiving client info(1 Minute)
Workshop complete (1-3 Minutes)
Sending client info (5-25 Minutes)

This also happens when i make a single player game. I forget when it happens in the loading screen…

I’ve already:
Unsubscribed and deleted all the Addons I had.
Emptied the server folder (The one thats full of GMA’s from server downloads)

My specs are:

Processor 1.8 GHZ
IntelHDGraphics 4000
Internal HDD 500 GB
External HDD 1.5 TB (Currently installed on)

It Isn’t my internet, for sure! My internet self is quite fast.

Can anyone help? I would Higly appreciate it!

You are running the game on a PC barely meeting the minimum requirements.

You barely have any RAM.

You do not even have a dedicated graphics card, which means that part of your RAM will be used for graphics memory, In addition to the OS and any other programs you may have running while starting GMod.

Chances are you are running out of RAM when running GMod and your PC starts using the SUPER SLOW HDD as RAM ( The page file ), which will slow down your PC dramatically.

In addition to that, you installed GMod onto an external hard drive, which will have even less speed than the internal one, further increasing the loading times, especially if your external HDD is on USB 2.0.