Garry's mod freezes when i open the server browser

So i tried to get on gmod today. but the second i click join multiplayer game my garrysmod stopped responding.

but this wasnt your everyday alt tab out stop responding. my clicks went right throug the interface and opened firefox 7 times, i had to put my pc to sleep mode to get out.
but enough about that, the real issue is gmod freezes whenever i click open the server browser.
i tried using a command to open the legacy browser. that showed my fav servers but froze aswell. only thing that works is direct connect.

anyone had this issue before? nothing should be blocking it from my end as nothing has changed since yesterday, when it worked. tried reinnstalling and all that good stuff to no avail.

the same happens to me, but i have to end the process to get out of the program. now i cant play my favorite game anymore… :suicide:

Just use direct connect until it’s fixed.

Does the out-of-game Steam server browser work?

To my knowledge, direct connecting doesn’t work (or atleast the way I’ve tried it). I’m having the same problem aswell, whenever I click multiplayer in gmod my game freezes and never recovers.