Garrys mod freezez my entire comp when I try to download this file...

Ok so everytime I try to join a server It wants me to download Maps/Graph/RP_evocity_v2d.ain. I’ve used Google and asked all my friends for help. They don’t know what to do…Everyone else can get in fine. Ive deleted my Garrys mod folder 8 times now to try and figure out the problem and nothing seems to be helping. Ive even talked to the server owner and he doesn’t know what to do. Its so bad its makes my entire computer freeze. I can’t do anything. I have to restart my computer its so damn bad. Please. Even if you have an idea of why this is happening tell me. I really want to play on this server.


Lol fucked up on the title.

It’s because it’s a gigantic fucking map. Your computer probably just isn’t good enough for it.