Garrys Mod Freezing HELP

This is regarding Garrys Mod 13 for Mac on Steam.

Right, I bought Garrys Mod the other day on Steam, downloaded successfully and installed. I mean, at first it lagged, like my first ever start up but then I started single player and it worked great, could spawn like 100 NPC’s without error then I went to playing Multiplayer and it was perfect, no lag, no error. Then one time I was playing multiplayer on a RP server and I pressed ‘q’ and clicked Dupes by accident then the game just froze. I had to press my Macbook’s power button in order to get out of the game and do a full restart of the computer. I played again, but on single player and I downloaded a ‘NYPD Cop NPC’ from the thingy on Steam, (I forgot it’s name)… and when I clicked on it to spawn it, the Macbook did the same thing again and freeze. I never had any problems before, so can someone explain, or link to me a fix or something? Thanks.

Intel HD 3000 Graphics, not 4000.

  1. What games do you have mounted?
  2. Locate your Garry’s mod root folder; do you see any .mdmp files?
  3. Verify your Garry’s mod files.

Playing any source game on a Mac or Linux is a longshot, even they are optimized.

Only Team Fortress 2
Should I delete the mdmp files if any?
I have done that too.

No, put your .mdmp files here: and send the link. Also, do you want that NYPD NPC addon? If not just unsubscribe from it

I’ve unsubscribed all my addons because I didn’t need them at all and now the game has improved lots, very rarely does the game crash.

If you have any other issues/questions please ask. Otherwise, please mark the thread as solved.