Garry's Mod Freezing When i Click On Multiplayer

The title is pretty much self explanatory here every time i click multiplayer the game is Freezing then i have too CTRL ALT DEL to get out of the game ???

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Oh BTW i have no addon’s i have reinstalled the game and steam 5 time’s and validated about 30 time’s.

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This is the most broken game i have ever seen every week or two its something else we should request the name of this game to be changed too [Broken Mod] or [Try To Keep It working Mod] or maybe [It Was Fine Yesterday Mod] or how about the [Working Every Now And Then Mod] i mean really i have spent over 1500 hour’s playing Gmod but id say ive spent the same fixing it lol.

Reinstall Garry’s Mod with Steam Cloud off.

I have done this 3 time’s man but thanks for posting anyway :smiley:

Can you join a server by the Steam server browser?

No :frowning: i have done every round about way of getting in to the server but no good.

What happens when you try?

The game freezes no matter what i do i get to the main menu hit multiplayer and boom freezes.
Or i try to join some on a server from steam and it will send and retrieve data and then boom it freezes.

Worst thing is Gmod is not crashing just freezing so i dont have any MDMP.files to work with…

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A mate of mine told me the other day " Hey badger i just bought Garry’s Mod "

To which i said " i didn’t know you liked mystery puzzle game’s.? "

Then he said " i thought is was FPS shooter "

To which i said " Half the time it is, the other half its mystery as to why it wont work and a brain puzzler to get it to do so "

I have made a little Garry shrine in the corner of the room with a picture of G-man in the center and some Half-life memorabilia scattered around it, also have candlestick’s lit and incense sticks burning and have sacrificed 12 chicken’s a goat but sadly couldn’t fit the cow in the doorway so this will have to do and now i am chanting " help me garry help me garry "

Alternet Name’s For Garry’s Mod

[Frustration Mod] that’s got a ring to it or

[Pull Your Hair Out Mod]

[Go To Sleep Crying Mod]

[Total Feeling Of Despair Mod]

[I Cant Believe It’s Still Not Working Mod]

[Have You Try’d Switching It Off And Back On Again Mod]

[Uninstall And Reinstall It Mod]

Anyway will let you know if i find a fix for this problem and as per usual looking forward to your thoughts on what you mite think is making this issue happen, thank you. :smiley:

SAME DAMN PROBLEM HERE! I need a fix! Please somebody, I hit multiplayer and the server list is blank, then it freezes… was fine until last night, an update happened.

If i manage to fix my [Unreliable Mod] i will post immediately man i feel your pain.

I have found a bunch of player’s suffering from this very same issue, the only thing we all have in common is [Soul Destroying Mod] stopped working soon after a steam update so the steam update must have F&^%ed up [Misery Mod] some how, as for a fix i am afraid i am no closer to finding one, but will keep looking.

Same problem. :frowning:

Someone please find a fix. I will keep looking and post if I find one

I got the same problem :confused: It started happening after yesterdays update for me too.

I have notest this in the console when i launch [Uninstall And Reinstall It Mod] (AKA Garry’s Mod)


Could this have something to do with the game freezing

First off what is it…??

LuaJIT is a Just-In-Time Compiler (JIT) for the Lua programming language. Lua is a powerful, dynamic and light-weight programming language. It may be embedded or used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language.

But for us who don’t speak the lua lingo.

LuaJIT has been successfully used as a scripting middleware in games, appliances, network and graphics apps, numerical simulations, trading platforms and many other specialty applications. It scales from embedded devices, smartphones, desktops up to server farms. It combines high flexibility with high performance and an unmatched low memory footprint.

Well after that i need a cookie, but first could this be why the game keep Freezing…? i will do my best to find out, but if anyone out there can beat me too the ansir i would be very gratuitous for your opinion on my half guessed assumption. Thank you.

LuaJIT is disabled because it slows down the game instead of speeding it up, so it’s disabled by default. It has nothing to do with your game freezing.

Well fredstin22 i see you marked this as dumb, you obviously don’t share my dark sense of humour which in time’s like these come’s in handy for not getting demoralized while trying to find at a fix for Gmod woe’s, for you i feel sorry that you don’t find it funny but i guess it’s easyer to let Frustration get the best of you if you don’t have the ability to laugh it off and keep moving forward toward a solution but thanks none the less for your limp input all the same.

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Thanks for clarifying that for me code_gs, i shall look else where for the problem, thank you again for your reply.

I’ve tried re-installing gmod/steam and switching it to beta but it doesn’t work. Please get someone on this… Ironically, the last steam update (which made it stop working) was to “prevent freezes on startup for some players”

Lol oh man that is poetically ironic i am laughing so hard i just s#&% myself, i am gona reinstall again lucky number 19 eh, i am sure it will start working when ever it feel’s like it but it cant hurt to try another reinstall.

help i need the answer