Garry's Mod game not working right after Windows 8.1 update

Hello all,

I’ve recently installed the Windows 8.1 update for my Compaq laptop, and for some reason when I turned on Garry’s Mod, I’ve found a bit of a problem. When the main menu loads up, the right-hand side of the screen flickers with white lines for a bit and once the whole main menu loads up, they stop and dissappear. Then, when I go load the game, I see the loading screen loading the game alright, then I hear the sounds that I hear whenever I load a map but the screen is still stuck on the loading screen. I am able to press a button and hear sounds from it, but the screen is stuck on the loading screen, showing that it’s loaded 95%, but I can’t see what I’m doing at all in the GMOD world.

I tried exiting out to the Desktop and then clicking on the game to relaunch it, but then it turns into a black screen instead of the loading screen. I am still able to press buttons and hear sounds from them and from the world around me, but I am unable to see anything going on at all. It worked fine before right up to the point when I’ve installed the update, and I did try to reinstall it from scratch but absolutely no difference has been made at all.

If anyone has any cures or suggestions for me to fix the problem, I would be very grateful for your assistance. :slight_smile:

Oh eh, good to know it does this. Gives me all the more reasons to procrastinate updating to 8.1.

Did you update to 8.1 or clean install it? I’ve heard many reports of upgrading fucking up everything so a clean install might be a good idea. I’m running 8.1 (clean install) and it works just fine for me.

No I installed the update and updated it after I restarted my computer. I didn’t clean reboot anything, I just installed the update and I found that all my stuff is still on the computer.

And BTW, I just did a reinstallation of all my Source-based games (not including TF2), and I restarted my comp after that, and now GMOD is finally working for me again! :smiley: (But the side of the screen still flickers whenever it pauses and loads something.)

Ah well, it’s probably just a minor error of the computer’s graphic drive. Well, thanks for the help amigos ! :slight_smile:

EDIT: No, scratch that, it was working fine for half of the day but now the problem’s come back again!! What do I do? :open_mouth:

works for me soo ya I hope it works for you good and ya it is you grafics