Vilayer Web and Game Server Hosting

Vilayer in my opinion, is the best GMod and game server hosting company out there, I’ve used many so far including,
Nitrous Networks, UK Game, GTX Gaming, and LowPings, and have discovered that Vilayer is the cheapest and most reliable hosting available.

Server Specs:

Available Countries

All pings are approximate from my location only (UK)

All pings are approximate from my location only (UK)

All pings are approximate from my location only (UK)

Game Server Features:

Only £0.28 per slot!

So if you need a quick 5 slot server for you and your friends to play on, you only need to pay £1.40 and wala!
You have a super spec server to use instantly set up for you!

Server Priority Choice

Vilayer’s servers are already completely and utterly LAG PROOFED but if you want your server to have even more
power, then you can choose from three priority types:

  • Normal
  • High
  • Realtime (BEST)

** Now that you have seen what Vilayer Hosting has to offer!**

Just click the button below to register and, whether your new to the game server business, or need a quick upgrade to your laggy, powerless existing server, REGISTER
on Vilayers website and purchase your NEW server!


Now I liked the look of vilalayer from your last advertisement thread.

I actually think the guys running it where decent. I’ve worked in IT customer service for over a decade and some of the service I get from online hosts really pisses me off. However, vilalayer impressed me from what I’ve read about them.

However, this brings me to the but of my reply: But “from your last advertisement thread.”.

We don’t need one every couple months, I know starting out is harsh but those are the facts.

I was thinking of opening up a service for EU communities that are being hit by ddos attacks. I was thinking of setting up a seller of specific hardened VDS and game servers. But the markets to harsh at the moment.