Garry's Mod Gamemode Development - An Impasse

As the owner of a growing community, I’ve come to the decision that, in line with avoiding generic scripts, I want to develop a private, personal script for the community. This would take the form of a “Wild West” RPG. Of course, I figured that if I’m going to be investing such time and effort into the project, and not to mention server costs, would it not be a good idea to ask the people if they would like such a gamemode? Without any further drabble, here’s my general ideas:

Each player plays as a stereotypical Western cowboy (Possibly Native American characters, though?) in a custom-built map of a Western township. Important features of the town are, of course,
The Saloon, which will feature a bartender to buy drinks (More on that below), mini-games (Billiards, poker etc.) and rent out rooms above the main floor.
The Stables where players can buy, customize and upgrade their horse and it’s various accessories.
The Gun Store where players can purchase the many 1800’s weapons in the game, and then test them out at the shooting range.
The Pony Express, where quests can be taken for a little monetary gain and where players can buy some goods such as paper
The Sheriff’s office, where players can join the Posse (The “Police” of the frontier, if you will)
The Mines, where players can, as one might guess, mine.
The General Store, which sells general goods such as water-bottles or sachels.
And finally, the bank, where players can steal with great effort, steal bank funds or indeed, deposit them (Obviously stealing doesn’t take money from the player accounts)

The other features would include a quickdraw mode, in which players aim a shot and then gain accuracy based on how long they hold off shooting at their opponent. “Skill” based features, for gaining money, would be fishing, mining and perhaps hunting (Need to have a look at how it would work).

Players would have a thirst meter that takes about an hour and a half of gameplay to drain. Standing in a body of water or activating a sink with a water-bottle will refill your bottle. Drinking from your bottle will restore your meter to full and each bottle can hold 2 drinks (Perhaps bigger bottles for higher prices? Barrel for outlaw gangs?)
Eating would not be required, but would give you an accuracy and skill bonus.

Drinks would be much like your typical potions. Mixing different drinks together results in different buffs and effects. Some effects will be positive, some negative. There will be no visible recipes; players must find and remember them on their own accord.

The gamemode would have a custom-made map (Not a shite one either, our mapper, modeler and anything else creative/artistic, is incredible.)

The most impressive feature of this gamemode, however, would be the Ambient Music System. This would do various checks in environmental and scenario changes and change the music (Composed by myself and real-life friends) depending on different events. For instance, entering a busy saloon might trigger a more upbeat, hearty piece, but a duel in the street would play a dramatic piece, which scales the longer the duel lasts, to everyone in view. The music would cut for a few seconds as the bullet is fired, and then resume with a harrowing tune, or should, for instance, posse members be in the area, a more thrilling pursuit tune.

Comments/Questions and best of all, opinions and suggestions are welcomed. Tell me if you genuinely would give this a go.

I like to think it would play a little like GUN.

I’m assuming this is serious roleplay. I’ve considered doing the same thing even though it would have turned out pretty bad. It’s a great idea the way I see it. At least it’s something that has never been done before. Another good idea would be a great depression roleplay. Of course, most people would probably rather have a Western roleplay.

Not so much serious, but there will be restrictions in place to prevent constant shoot-outs in the middle of town.

Oh… So is it going to be like DarkDM/PERP serious or will it be like most of the OpenAura gamemodes serious?

Think PERP serious, with a little more rules and the mayhem a little more controlled. Something I want to experiment with is the idea of everyone being capable enough that someone couldn’t start a shooting-spree without someone else being able to gun them down no bother.

I am interested. Sounds fun, i might even try my hand at it. However the more and more i do with Garrysmod, i find how it is less and less useful to me and my future.

Ah. It sounds alright then. I just think it would be a really nice serious roleplay gamemode. Your choice though.

@Remscar Yeah that’s true, but I guess as long as I code, I learn

@Deaded Serious is all good and well except from the fact that Serious Shootouts just aren’t as intense as Shoot-to-kill shootouts, and those are a very critical part of the Western genre, of course.

I may give it a try, I would like to see some interesting game play mechanics with this.
If you need a level designer, I’d help you out.

I’m not talking about shootouts. You can have S2K shootouts and still have a serious roleplay as far as I’m concerned. I’m talking about IC and OOC chat, at least somewhat hard to get weapons, character development, storyline, etc.

@Alex Thanks :slight_smile: Will do

@Deaded Certainly, on a personal motive at least, I do my best to ensure things like that are enforced, at least lightly. Weapons will take hard work to get past the low-tier, which aren’t handed down either. As for storyline and character development, I have no particular plans at the moment, though hopefully something will come to light as I progress. Certainly, the Pony Express’s paper, though simple, begins to add a degree of story-telling and characterisation.

As for IC and OOC chat, lazy chatter will be dealt with. I like to hope that a little bit of encouragement and reward, in that they are accepted more by the better-spoken majority, spurs most of them on once they realise the benefits.

Ah, I take back what I said. This sounds like it would be really good. :slight_smile:

Thanks :’)

i would play this can i test it?

Not even nearly done yet haha, but thanks

This sounds interesting, and I’d be willing to help out with Level Design. I actually have a Western map in my banks somewhere that I left in the dust. I’d be willing to pull this up, make appropriate changes and finish it up if you’re interested. Give me a PM.

Here is an older video. Do excuse the lack of lighting, this video was to show off the brushwork:

That’s a really, really nice looking design. I’m currently experimenting with the idea of player-built towns using spawnable buildings, so I’m not really sure what way the map is gonna go yet. Once I have more firm details on the map, I’ll talk to you. Thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

If you need any testers pm me

Bounty boards.

Already got it on the ideas list. Not sure if I should use the boards that come in HL2 or make a new model though