Garry's Mod Gamemode Help!


I am Grimm, and I am new to the facepunch forums, but I thought this to be the place to ask for help.
I am creating a gamemode, but cannot figure out how to implement rounds. Any help is appreciated and will be rewarded.

Now wheres my reward?

I have tried this, but does not work for me.

Does it cause any errors? Are you including it in your init?

No, and yes. I do not see any errors, and it is my init.

Sorry, still need help. Bump.

This will probably fit all of your needs.

Thank you!

I tried implementing this, but the rounds are not working! Would I be better off modifying another gamemode’s code?

If you’re having trouble with that gamemode base I’ll gladly help you.
Most likely it’s just a small misunderstanding with the workings of the system. I’ll pm you.

Or not. You’ve disabled them.
And I don’t quite want to post my steam url in the open so…
Enable them or give me your steam profile URL?

Just add me

Sorry for late response!