Garry's mod gamemode (WAC Aircraft)

Hi! I just started on a project with my brother and wonder how i would implement WAC Aircraft into the gamemode? Do i need to code it in or is it just to drag and drop into the gamemode folder? Or where should i put it. ANY help is greatfully appreciated. Thanks.
you should start with the basic.

Then you can start with an Gamemode. An Gamemode is quite hard work and nothing tbh for an beginner.

I know some of the basics. I am just lost how to implement the WAC Aircraft to the gamemode without need to having pepole to download the addon itself. Thanks anyway can check it up :smiley:



He was asking how to make it part of the gamemode. The answer is to copy all the entities into the entities/entities folder, weapons into entities/weapons folder, and all the other files into your gamemode directory and include them in the appropriate realms.

From what I’ve seen,

  1. WAC is unoptimized and laggy
  2. WAC’s code is bad
  3. NeuroTec is the better competition

I just wanted to make a gamemode where your is going to fight eachothers in the air and on the ground. Never seen it before and thought why not. Thanks i will look it up :smiley:

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I am pretty sure i have put every folder from WAC into the right place. But still does’t show up :/. Thanks anyway. All the help and tips/support i can get is very appreciated!

Then our little project is probably better suited for your needs as we cover every area when it comes to vehicles, if you need any help with the gamemode or run into any issues feel free to throw me a PM and I’ll do my best to guide you.

Thanks! I will check upon it when i come home :smiley:

I have checked upon it and i decided to go with the stuffs that you make. Have tons of more features then WAC. I will send a PM if i need some help :D. Thanks so much in advance!

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile: