Garry's Mod. Gmad dosen't work

So basically i made my own mod and got everything ready for the gmad to convert my folder to gma. I dragged the folder to gmad but there was no gma file made. I looked everywhere in the pc and found none. Can someone tell me what is my problem?

I used it like A day ago, So you must be doing something wrong. Put the .GMA in your addons folder. Open Gmad, locate your Addons folder, Select it and Extract.

I don’t want to extract it, i want to convert the folder to gma. Not the gma to folder

GMad Is an Extractor, Not A Converter to GMA… ( I retract this, Only GMad I have used is the Addon Extractor. )

Ripped from Wiki:

For Windows, you can simply navigate to your GMad.exe in <STEAM LOCATION>/steamapps/common/garrysmod/bin and drag’n’drop your addon folder ( myAddon in this example ) onto GMad.exe.

GMad.exe will now create your .gma. It will place it to the same location where your folder is, with the same name.

Do not move GMad.exe anywhere!

Alternatively You can open the command prompt (cmd.exe), cd to the gmod bin folder
(cd “<STEAM FOLDER>/steamapps/common/garrysmod/bin”, include quotes), then enter the following command (including quotes):

gmad.exe create -folder “<FULL PATH TO ADDON FOLDER>” -out “<FULL PATH TO OUTPUT .gma FILE>”
Windows users can also create a .bat file to automate this process:

“C:\Program Files ( x86 )\Steam\steamapps\common\garrysmod\bin\gmad.exe” create -folder %1
Just make sure to insert correct path to your GMad.exe.

Oh thanks. After a while i found out the reason it was not extracting was because i had a addon.txt in the folder. And when i deleted it, it worked after that. Thanks for your help!