Garry's Mod Graphics

What would you want the new garry’s mod to be like?
Same graphics
Shittier graphics
Unreal graphics

I would say same, cause I kinda feel weird to play a game like Garry’s Mod with fuggin’ Arma 3 graphics.

if you please i would like the next garry’s mod to have graphics so shitty that i cannot even see anything because all i can see is runescape from 2002

thank you very much for your time

What would I want you to do?
Stop post
Go to that ugly GMod 14 thread


Also what. Who would want to play on a game with shittier graphics? GMod’s ones are pretty fine.
I wouldn’t mind Source 2 graphics on there though.

Do da poll then.

Doesn’t it look good as it is? Then again, I wouldn’t mind 33% on all three votes.

Get a dictionary, find “sarcasm” and “irony” words, and learn both of their definitions.


Garry’s Mod has unbeliveable good graphics, all Source games has even when the Game Engine is not new at all. There is some things where it needs some upgrading.

I think the new garrys mod will look like whatever Version of the source engine is out.

Now we know you’re a time traveler.

From 80’s

Arma 3 is a pretty ugly game though
GMOD could have better texture quality, and better shadows.

Excuse me ?
Did you play this game with a decent PC ?

ARE YOU F-snip-

No need for argument, you seem to be blind/CoD fanboy (Because you love counting Pixels)

Well most these days games graphic looks like plastic and Source engine is so old and gmod textures are only 512x 1024x aint they? Source Engine has best graphics on comparing the age of the engine to these days games.

We’re talking about the ENGINE, texture resolution means nothing, NOTHING.

They doooooo.

OP when will you stop posting? All of your posts have no logic or thought behind them, seriously. Every post I see from you at least three people rate you dumb.

But if you want an answer I would have to say [sp] what ever the source engines may bring, because that’s how Garry’s Mod is going to be considering it’s a source game. [/sp]

Whatever they can push out of the source engine is good for me.

I wouldn’t want the graphics to get shittier, why would anyone? So if they was to stay the same or progress, any would do me fine.

Source supports up to 1024x1024 under most circumstances but for the sake of standardization, most textures are 512x512. To add to that, most textures fit nicely into geometry and all that lovely stuff at around 512 without any re-sizing.

Way to make assumptions about people on the internet whom you don’t know.

Also call of duty looks somewhat worse than arma 3. If we’re going to be correct, the graphics in arma 3 are good, but the aesthetics are not, it’s not very pleasing to look at(IN MY OPINION). The textures in gmod aren’t as good as they should be, generally they get the job done, but they could be better.

The same people vote every time I make a new post. I recognize most of those from previous threads comments / ratings.