Garrys Mod grass jumping sound feedback.

Please fix this, whenever I jump on grass, I get a faint but skull cracking screaming sound similar to recording feedback. If this can be fixed Id love it. Anyone hear it aswell?

It’s on all source games, but it seems to somehow be amplified on Garry’s Mod. You sneaky bastard garry. :ninja:

I bet it’s actually a faint subliminal message with such a high-yet faint tone that we can’t make it out.



Indeed you are chap, I believe we must hound garry until he is 80 years old to get this fixed as Garry never seems to pay attention to bugs.


*its not a bug, its a general annoyance.


We as a nation, can change. I BELIEVE GARRY!!

I can live with it existing, but for some reason I get a plastic taste in my mouth when I hear it. :raise:

What are you doing too us, garry? :ohdear:

Garry is probably off in his room wanking to what he has created. He does not care about your unfortunate taste disorder.
Math people.

I’d snip that if I were you.

Why, Fapping is normal.

I guess that is true, but in today’s obscure society, people consider it rude too say that people are fapping.

I guess. Oh well -SNIP-

I don’t think that counts.

This must be the truth :v:

In before angry garry perma bans me and doonbugie2 v:v:v

Clean your GMod, you have installed something doing that

No he doesn’t. It’s just the bad audio quality of the generic source footstep and impact sounds. Especially since near everyone gets it, I find it hard to believe we all have the same addons. In-fact, I have a clean install running right now. :v:

I dont have addons. Turn your volume up to a decent level and jump on the grass in construct.