Garrys mod Halo Teamdeathmatch/CTF

I found a halo pack on and noticed it had a gamemode along with the weapons and models so me and a friend [NuTTeRs:D] decided to make a server
for halo fans,ill leave links and the group page for those who want to join,so if u do join the group cause i will annouce when the server is open


Halo mod:


hope u join in on the fun and thanks for taking the time to read this :3

Video link:

watch in HD for better quality :3

no ip? facepalm

So, why should i play here instead of just playing the real halo?

For the enjoyment of having AA.

Comparing the games I say it is not hard to see which is better looking.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Garry’s Mod

well ill be uploading a video soon so after watching it if u still what to join/join one of the to groups

updated main post added video

Your IP does not seem to be working for me when I tested many times.

you need a halo HUD, xD

Who does?

Whoever owns the server

srry im working on the server but join my group and ill keep u updated

The ‘teaser’ video you have makes it look like a laggy, boring, and a confused gamemode.

My statements/questions:

  1. Why do you have halo 3 player models but halo 1 weaponry?

  2. How is this halo (apart from the maps and models), from the video it took two clips or like 5 melee hits to down someone, it seems nothing like actual halo combat.

  3. How is the server going to handle this, it looks like it can’t even handle that… 5 player match you had?

  4. The scripts you are using, to my knowledge, are severely broken (If you are using the Halo Pack, which from the content im guessing you are.),
    How are you going to fix it?

  5. How are you going to mimic halo game play, or even make it better with your current skill-set?



  1. good question

  2. health needs to be lowered/dmg increased

  3. server looked ok from the video to me?

  4. it looks ok on server?

  5. another good question


You could just play Halo… it’s online like GMod

Bad eye there. They are HALO 2 playermodels.
There is a difference.

About the thing that you think you “fixed”.
It is comparing the halo ce weapon in the view with GMod having the same weapon, which looks better.
Halo reach screenshot is oh so unfair comparing to a model done 10 years earlier.
That will not be too hard though since we are soon having the reach models in GMod so it will be a fair way of comparing them later.

1: well since im not the one who made the pack;which is from some guy named blackops it came as u seen it;and like civil said its halo 2 models;but i tried contacting him on steam to see if he can some how update or modify the mod but got no reply
2:well it has a team slayer and ctf game mode based on which map u play;like if u play the map in the vid(lockout)its slayer but when the map changes to battle creek it becomes ctf
3:well that server was a test run and wasnt run on mine so it was laggy do to the fact that the owner(NuTTers:D)had a lot of addons at the time;but when i stabilize everything it should barley lag
4:to be truthful i have no idea if i could find some one to modify them or edit them that would be helpful;like some of my other clan memebers agreed if we can some how reskin the weapons to halo 3 it would look alot better with the server;but until then we just gotta wish and pray
5:ugh making a gmod server better than halo is near impossible but if i could mimic some of the settings and weapon damage with gmod it would have a better outcome but i dont have anyone to really rely on to help if anyone wants to improve this pack and help your welcome to :3

I will help because I know nutters, but you’ll have to get a server first

thats great to hear but what exactly are you going to help with;yea we need a server running now but i like making sure everythings ready first so there arent much problems when we do start;but we really do need someone thats good with lua coding it would help majorly;but after that maybe a good reskin of the weapons would come in handy

but if anyone else wants to help please;join the group or as Nemesis036 did leave a messege and ill get back to you :3

I made these terrible, shitty, weapons and gamemode back when I was first learning Lua. Why the fuck are you running a server with it?