Garry's Mod Hamachi Servers

Post your Hamachi Servers for Gmod here!

(My Friends and mine)

Network ID: Garrysmod Build
Password: build

Description: Server Protected by Existo, PC Mod 2 ECT

Why use Hamachi? It’s really easy to forward your ports for all of source and gold-source and be able to host a listen or dedicated in a snap without some program.

Also, this section is not to be used for server hosting.

What if your parents don’t let you have the router password.
But still, why hamachi. If its just with your friends you can do a LAN

Server ads go in games in progress but I wouldn’t post this in there. Facepunch usually likes some effort put into our OPs.

Because, My friend who Hosts the server (I’m co-owner) Doesent know how to forward ports, i really dont know why its so important if its hamachi or not, Hamachi is easy to use.

Then your friend shouldn’t make a server.

  1. You have to join a hamachi network to play on a server and that sucks.
  2. With hamachi you have a higher ping on a server.

Forwarding ports is insanely easy, your friend is probably just too lazy to look up one of the dozens of tutorials out there.

Also, I don’t want to install some software to join a server when I already have 1000 other servers to choose from hosted by people with at least the minimum IQ required to forward ports.

Going to compound the fact, if you don’t have the knowledge or the money to properly host a server, you probably shouldn’t be hosting it at all.

Isn’t one of the ideas Garrysmod to have fun with a few friends?
There’s nothing wrong with hosting a server like that just to get some friends on and fuck around. Even in finding new friends on the Garrysmod forums.

Sure, hosting them like that to be public would be stupid, but otherwise not.


I know this fool just bumped the thread, but as usual I didn’t notice until I’d read it again…

You know, my current ISP doesn’t let me port forward. They won’t give out the admin password to the router due to it also being the setup for the VOIP phone.

Stupid fools they are :frowning:

try 1234 or admin as password

Hamachi is for kids who aren’t allowed to access router configuration because they’re parents won’t let them LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

You co-own a…Hamachi server…oh dear God.

I know…It’s like he takes being co-owner of a home hosted Hamachi server seriously.

Hey guys, got a server up, brand new. Its gmod 11, non steam, hamachi, so keep that in mind. Here’s the info:
ID: gmod11joinnow
Password: 123
no members currently, so first 4 to join is in, good luck guys, and have fun. (:

(User was permabanned for this post ("bumped year old thread to announce he pirated gmod..." - postal))

Did you realize you bumped a one year old thread?

Also, why gmod 11? I am starting to think you’re one of those filthy pirates.

Look at his post again, he said non-steam. So it is pirated.

Well, technically you could join while actually owning gmod … but yea.
I don’t really see the need to pirate a game such as gmod, given the insanely low price it goes to in the sales.

I’m also going to report this thread, it’s been bumped enough tbh.