Garry's Mod -> Hammer -> Garry's Mod

ok, let’s say i’ve used a VMEX decompilator and decompiled the bsp-map into Hammer. then i opened it and putted a logic_choroegraphed_scene entity in, a button to trigger it, and the necessary NPCs with necessary animations. Will these animations work appropriate if i put this map into Gmod again??

Never decompile a map, then recompile it. It will fuck everything up. It would work, still, don’t do it. Just create your own map.

You could have just used Entspy if all you wanted to do was add a single entity.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t you decompile it, add the necessary entities then re-compile only the entities?

You are correct I believe.

It’s the decompiling process that ruins the map. Originally, when a map is being compiled, for example, vbsp strips away backsides of brushes. These are lost to the compiling process. So when you’re picking up vmex and decompiling the map, it’s only trying to estimate where these backsides are, and usually in most cases (especially with more complex brushwork), it’s estimation is incorrect, which results in invalid brushes.

You can make vbsp compile only ents.

I know, but I’m a bit confused. Would you be taking that extra entity and moving it to the other .bsp?


hey, what if i use a gmod’s green-screen map??? in Hammer. will it work appropriate again in gmod with added in Hammer animations?