Garry's mod has taken over my computer

Since I installyed garries mod, my computer crashed whenever i play anygame that is not garris mod, my registry hasbeen messed, my desktop icons now say garri owns you, wtf?

I know you guyz like banning and stuff so please don’t ban me :slight_smile:

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Few things could have happened, one of them is you downloaded the gm_rawio module and then a simple lua trojan. Or just a regular virus…

You pirated a shitty version.

Can you give us your steam profile, just to know you are not a pirate…

Sounds like an illegal copy of Garry’s Mod to me.

You should of spent your money you used to obtain GMod on an English tutor instead.

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - mahalis))

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - mahalis))

How can you not realize the OP is a horrible troll?

There’s few ways to root a computer through gmod. Some depend on your OS, Some depend on addons, some depend on gmod version.

Either way, it sounds like someone’s being an asshole. Most likely the actions are executed from within garrysmod. So this means that it’s either lua based(lua -> X -> windows services) or module based(something like gm_rawio as said, You can scan existance of the support from the client thus allowing the admin to know weither or not your computer can be rooted through it).

The lua based ones are mainly limited to windows XP, However with all the nowdays stuff added to gmod the lua based ones can be global aswell and in somecases even using the user level account won’t save you. So don’t count on the fact that you’re using win7 or vista.

If the commands come from garrysmod then the antiviruses and other programs are prety much useless for anything that works on that level, as those organizations are not aware of the potential danger. You just got to remove the garrysmod folder and hope that the guy rootting you didn’t create anything low level or hybrid crap to maintain the control.

Who cares?

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