Garrys Mod has well... died

I know probably people have a fix to this but i am in dire need of help with my Garrys Mod.

Yesterday i went and built something with SBEP, adv duped it and saved it, then it suddenly crashed out on me for no particular reason. I verified the game cache and tried it again and it only loads up to a certian stop then freezes and died so i looked for answers. I tried the dxlevel9 and stuff and it works but there are massive shader errors (things such as the water is white, sometimes staring at an area too long causes all these lines to show up on the screen and such. I did a complete reinstall of it but it still is dying out. I went into the options and found it was running on DirectX v0.8 while software shows DirectX v0.9 and when trying to change the settings it just keeps dying on me.

Does anyone know how to fix these problems or do i have to basically start from scratch all over again? Since i cant find 1/2 the stuff anymore so yeah

Any help is greatly appreciated

Did you go into your steamapps folder and delete the garrysmod folder entirely?

Does it happen with other games? Cause it sounds like your graphics card might be dieing instead.

I tried that, still acts up


No, its doesnt. Mines a GTX 275 and no other game has had any trouble running, just sometimes the driver dies out but i can live with that, i just dont know why its started this

So you set the launch options to -dxlevel 90 or whatever, I assume. 'Cause I was having some problems with Gmod and that fixed it up real nice.

If your drivers are crashing all the time, then update them.

I just went through again with -dxlevel 90 in the advanced options and now its cleared of bugs it came up as a background image fault on the main page (since i customized it) that was causing it to play up, thanks for the help


It would only be on occasion that the driver would crash out with Garry’s Mod and very rarely with other games, but Windows 7 would recover it and it would run again, just only gmod it didnt

sure thing! but make sure to remove the -dxlevel 90 thing in the launch options when you’re done.

Its fine for now, id rather not change it for a while since i can play without it dying on me now, just need to redo the background to make sure it doesnt die again

The title on this thread is misleading.

I would reinstall windows :slight_smile:

Its always good to get all the crap out of your computer. clean your windows up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you dumb

nope, whats the harm in reinstalling windows? nothing.

If you’re good enough in the first place, your windows wouldn’t be clogged full of shit to the point that you have to re-install windows…

Re-installing Windows every time you mess something up makes you a retard.

Plus, if you have to do that every month, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!

Don’t screw your computer up in the first place. Their are so many ways to avoid doing so, plus ever heard of a little thing called “Google”? People here are trying to help you, but no, you are going to re-install Windows, seriously what gave you the idea to ask something when you have already decided what to do?

I was expecting a rant thread. Glad to see its a actually a question.