Garry's Mod Heavy Vehicle Event - 2016 August

Garry’s Mod Heavy Vehicle Event - 2016 August


Welcome all, I thought it’d be a great time to do a heavy vehicle event because
there seems to be a lack of heavy vehicle offroading juiciness. So here it is. Who knows,
maybe this might become a quarterly thing!


Date: 19th of August & 20th of August
*Time: 7AM GMT +0 *

I need you to post what timezones you’re in and what time you’d be available, I hope
to have everyone be able to participate in this event.

There will be a notification on this thread when the event starts.

Event Information

So, this is a heavy vehicle event. Which means its all about tough, offroading & powerful
vehicles, so don’t go enter a P50. The event will be limited to prop and ACF propulsion, no
simulated engines. Sorry

The event will consist of events that heavy vehicles would do, such as: offroading, rock climbing,
tug of war, hill climb, suspension shizwaz and some racing

Server Information

There will be a password for obvious reasons

Server Name: Dream Construct
Server IP:
Server Location: Australia
Server Slots: 20
Prop Limit: 750
Map: gm_drivingmap

Unslinga is helping us by hosting a server in europe.



Q} Can I use downforce E2s and Fin tool?
A} Sadly, no. We want to keep it fairly fair for everyone. Keep it strictly to physprop, if
we find out you’re using either, you will be disqualified.

Q} My vehicle type isn’t on your list, what do I do?
A} Send me a PM.

Q} Can I record and post a video of the event?
A} Sure, go for it! It’d be awesome to see.

Q} Can I enter multiple vehicles?
A} You may enter 2 vehicles.


  1. Your vehicle may only have a single engine.
  2. Your vehicle must comply with the specifications provided.
  3. Your vehicle can have as many wheels as you want, but keep it realistic, we wouldn’t see 12 wheels on a prime mover.
  4. The body of the vehicle must be finished for the main event, there will be an after event where people can show off their unfinished projects and experimental stuff if they wish.
  5. No prefab bodies, eg TDM, CSS, LW
  6. Do not annoy or cause trouble with other participants, you will be banned.
  7. Follow all of the server rules when you are in the event.
  8. You may only spawn your vehicle when asked to, to keep lag to a minimum.

Break any of these rules and you will be disqualified.

Vehicle Specifications

  • Your vehicle must be a heavy class, eg but not limited to: prime movers, military trucks, 4x4 utes, various trucks, etc
  • Please keep your engine displacement relative to your vehicle, a ute wouldn’t have a 28L V12
  • This is a heavy vehicle event, so don’t bother with weight reduction.
  • If you’re entering a ute or a “truck” as some call it, try to make it look like it has been modified and is ready to go offroading. Some modifications could be a lightbar, winch, snorkle, custom axles, bullbar, heavy duty wheels, etc. If you’re shot for ideas. Search up “modified offroader” on google images. Please don’t just enter stock stuff.
  • You may enter enter tracked vehicles, however no tanks, SPGs, SPAAs etc. Use common sense.

There’s 3 classes, 4x4, Heavy & Super Heavy


Custom ute, 4x4, lift kit, winch, lights etc. Your average offroader, 3t maximum, has to look like its been modified for offroading.


Trucks, large utes, up to 4 axles. Maximum 10t

Super Heavy

Large military vehicles, more then 4 axles, maximum 30t. eg, MAZ 79221, HEMTT

Im fairly leenient with these rules, if you need clarification just PM or post it.


Entry Form
Steam Name: <Steam Name>
Steam Profile: <Profile Link>
Vehicle: <Name>
Vehicle Type: <4x4 | Heavy | Super Heavy>
Engine Specs: <Power | Torque | Displacement | Type>
Weight: <Weight in KG>

Please post pictures!
You may post wips, to reserve slots, but when you’ve finished edit the first post and PM me


Updated database for entries.

1 - [TCW] CM Punk | 80’s Jeep Wrangler Offroader | 4x4
2 - Tyunge | Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck | Super Heavy
3 - Unslinga | Oshkosh LSV MK48 Crane Attachment | Super Heavy //WIP
4 - Bravo | Kamaz 6350 | Super Heavy
5 - Metacore | MC 6 Wheeler | Heavy
6 - DatAmazingCheese | MAZ 79221 | Super Heavy
7 - Sean | MAZ 535 | Super Heavy //WIP
8 - [ZGG] TheZaz969 | KAMAZ 4650 8x8 | Super Heavy
9 - Bob [MG] | 1975 Ford F250 Crew Cab HighBoy | 4x4
10 - Bob [MG] | 1983 Land Rover III 109 | 4x4
11 - [MG] Cheezus | 1974 Dodge D200 | 4x4
12 - Eno | Sw44 Halftrack | Heavy
13 - Chris! | MZKT 74135 | Super Heavy
14 - BDroidz | 1991 VW golf Mk3 Modded | 4x4
15 - Sentinel | OshkoshM1070 | Super Heavy //WIP
16 - QuasarBarkas | Drachma Class 37 Halftrack | Heavy
17 - Kear | [Sokoshka Dynamics HT-255 “Тундра монстр”] | Super Heavy
18 - Dartwaffle | Mother Trucker | Heavy //WIP
19 - Chasebh89 | Yag-12 8x8 | Heavy
20 - Der Defender | Iveco 260 Torpedo | Heavy
21 - Der Defender | Range Rover Classic | 4x4
22 - [MG] Kraken | KrAZ-255 | Heavy //WIP
23 -
24 -
25 -
26 -
27 -
28 -
29 -
30 -

More slots will be added IF necessary


*If you really need some help, add me on steam and Ill see what I can do!

Finally, if you have ANY suggestions, be sure to post them.

Steam Name: [TCW] CM Punk
Steam Profile:
Vehicle: 80’s Jeep Wrangler Offroader
Engine Specs: N/A due to chassis tweaking
Weight: N/A due to chassis tweaking

Updates to come, adding winch and other things. Will most likely have a Inline 6 Prop engine.

Are tracked vehicles allowed?

Name: Tyunge
Vehicle: Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
Type: Super Heavy
Engine: 1,567Hp | 6,279ft-lb | 88mm | PropEngine
Trans: 5-Speed
Weight: 21732kg

I’ll allow it, just aslong as it isn’t a tank etc.

Peel P500

Kinda obsolete to point that out since common sense already implies that and everyone decent enough in their head to build a vehicle for this event knows that.

Other than that, what about a P50 with offroad chassis modifications? There’s also Mustang bodies thrown on monster truck frames…

I am making this thing:

Steam Name: Unslinga
Steam Profile:
Vehicle: Oshkosh LVS MK48 Crane Attachement
Vehicle Type: Super Heavy
Engine Specs: <???kW | ???nm | ??L | Propengine>
Weight: Unknown

Also, our server (set up for the event) will also be available to host the event on.

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Steam Name: DatAmazingCheese
Steam Profile:
Vehicle: MAZ 79221
Vehicle Type: Super Heavy
Engine Specs: <559kW | 3560nm | 21L | V12 Diesel ACF>
Weight: 25t thanks to unslinga for helping me with the sus <3[/t]



Looks fun. I’d probably bump the heavy/superheavy weights a bit though. a HEMTT is 19 tons unloaded, a bit over your 6t limit :V

I’d probably recommend 3 tons for 4x4 (a humvee weighs around this), 10T for heavy, and maybe 30 for super heavy.


If that’s your intention then you should make 6-10 tons the minimum and maximum… well, if you want really big heavy vehicles, make the maximum a Liebherr T282. Then you have “big heavy”
Or are the 21L diesels unable to move 200 tons?

If you don’t wanna go that massive, stick to ~50 tons for maximum


Steam Name: Bravo
Steam Profile:
Vehicle: Kamaz 6350
Vehicle Type: Super Heavy
Engine Specs: Power 347 HP | Torque 548 ft-lb | Displacement 9.2L V12 Diesel | ACF Engine
Weight: 7 ton[/T] [T]

Steam Name: Metacore
Steam Profile:
Vehicle: MC 6 Wheeler
Vehicle Type: Heavy
Engine Specs: 3.1L I4 Diesel
Weight: 3.6T

Surely this can’t go wrong

Would hydraulic engines fall under the prop engine category?

Sorry for the offtopic but where are those wheels from? (model path if possible).
If they are vanilal and have the correct angle in relation to the 3d space grid, I might have a good use for them.

it’s sprops

They are sprops wheels that have a tank wheel holo for the rim.

Steam Name: Sean
Steam Profile:
Vehicle: MAZ 535
Vehicle Type: Super Heavy
Engine Specs: Prop Engine V12 | Power: N/A | Torque: N/A
Weight: Do not know until it’s done