Garry's Mod Help

Hey guys, I need some help here. There’s this server I am trying to connect to, that I have in fact, played on before. Now I can’t find it. This server is up, and friends are actively playing on it. I have tried deleting my old garrysmod/garrysmod folder, I’ve tried restarting it, I’ve restarted my computer, tried connecting through the console with the IP, nothing works. Could I get some advice?

How about you try joining one of your friends through steam? Also, this is not the place to post this.

Yea, I just realized that after I posted here. And joining friends dosen’t work either.

Check your firewall.

How would I do that?(I have windows 7 by the way). And the problem is with this one server. I can connect to any other one.

Why not just try looking at your History?

I’ve also done that, it dosen’t show up.

Any other ideas?