Garry's Mod Hosters

I want to know what’s the cheapest Garry’s Mod server hoster, pleaaaaase :3

I’d say UKGame.


I hear UKGame are bringing back their Auto-SVN and FastDL services back

Are they also bringing back their 60 servers per box and legal threats to anybody saying it?

I’m fairly certain that GamerzUnlimited servers charges .50 cents per slot on their servers, but FlapJack has a point. When looking for servers, you have to consider the trade off between cheap server hosting and a quality server. I can’t recommend any one of these because I’ve never hosted a server before. I can suggest that you read some reviews before you select any of them.

Here’s a url with the gmod server provider index, courtesy of garrysmod wiki.:

Have fun getting hosted on the guy’s homehosted box.

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Oh and them forcing it to be a GU server.

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And then them losing control of their box.

So flapjack, do you have an ideal server host?

I like Brohoster… so far it’s the most stable, over XFactor and Xenon.

I’m curious, how much does Brohoster charge per slot?

Do, not, use, ServerFFS.

Best server host.

Server checker without a way to set cpu affinity :frowning:

But anyway jokes aside there are a few good hosts.

Gaming Deluxe I would recommend for UK
Xenon & Brohosters for non UK

can do that without serverchecker getting involved.

I know, I use serverchecker. Haved for years. I guess I jumped to the conclusion you where not using a method.

srcds is so tricky to force set cores. Imagecfg doesn’t work on srcds (Least not well).

We wrote a program to externally monitor them.

fyi we host in europe. Nobody seems to notice this fact. :iiam:

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30 cents for GMOD, but it starts at $15.00

I presume we means Brohosters? Or Xenon w/e :wink:

And no, I knew this fact. However I was commenting on IF I wanted UK/EU I would go with Gaming Deluxe. If I wanted US I would go with one of you, probably Brohoster.