Garry's Mod hours into Rust key?

Notice, this is just an idea!

Hello everyone, I had an idea of having a certain amount of GMod hours which gives you a Rust beta (alpha) key. Sorry if this sounds not that swell of an idea, I just thought if someone supported Facepunch enough in order to buy their game and play on it for a long period of time they should have a chance, say it with me, chance of getting a beta (alpha) key.

-Regards, BJH

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, stop making threads about keys" - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, stop making threads about keys" - postal))


another kid that doesn’t respect that rust = beta = it needs beta testers not “players”

How do the Testers get contacted?

Everyone who has a key

because playing gmod supports facepunch, and that somehow supports the production of the videogame.


I will respect anyone’s opinion, even those who don’t quite accept mine. Thanks for the response though!

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Every single person who has bought Garry’s Mod and those who have been there since the beginning has helped lead up to the production of this game. In a puzzle, edges and corners quickly make the puzzle easier, imagine the puzzle itself as Facepunch, and the corners and edges as Garry’s Mod. Every little thing somewhat supports something bigger


That would mean a bunch of people would idle on the GMod menu for keys.

Notice, this is just an idea!

Apparently nobody read that at the beginning of the thread.

Notice, you can’t read a simple sticky and like to use bold to highlight something that’s rather obvious (but isn’t going to happen) and should probably stop trying to seem important. Yea, it’s an idea. You don’t need to make a thread for it, keep it in your head.

Question #1: Why is “kid” a go-to insult?

Question #2: I don’t see where I said Rust needs players, may you point that out for me?

Smart Ass Remark #1: Actually rust = alpha = it needs alpha testers.

Excuse my cursing but I don’t think smart aleck really caught on.

another adult that doesn’t respect that rust = alpha = it needs alpha testers not “players”

Adult is lying, but alright!
I fixed it, since you insisted.

Sure. But isn’t Rust in alpha? Meaning ideas would be most likely appreciated if they’re any good. See, I can’t tell if my ideas are any good just by thinking it, so I have to express myself or be nothing to this community, even if I’m hated, over an idea, I would still feel good about myself for getting involved.

There is no point to this thread, stop posting and just let it get locked.

No no no, I understand I’m a kid, but honestly it’s not going to get anyone anywhere by calling someone a kid and thinking it’s the best insult ever.

We know, and we’re telling you the faults of your idea.

Rust has enough testers after the PSISyndicate flood, and way more than enough people posting useless stuff or begging for keys since Frankie and Jack started playing as well. Now Squirrel is going to start playing it and you know for a fact we are going to have more and more people flooding in. Just do us all a favor, and help stop the useless posts and spam rather than adding to it. I’m not trying to be an ass or sound harsh, but if you really want to help or make suggestions, that is what you can do.

“Hey! You have money?”

“Gib me money”

“How about you gib me money because this excellent reason I provided?”

“Please gib me money”

“I understand if you don’t gib me money, but I would really like you to gib me money”

Seriously, this is basically what the entire rust subsection is like except with keys.

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The answer is no, unless you come out on top in a official giveaway.

Maybe this wouldn’t of been a shitstir if everyone didn’t make their own dicky remark towards mine but instead they could’ve said "“Sorry, but this isn’t a good idea.”