Garry's Mod - How to install addons like Easy Precision, Weight or something on a server ?

Hello guys,

I have created a sandbox server with steamcmd ( srcds )
I want to install useful tools like easy precision, weight, smartsnap or something. But if I copy the content of the lua folder of Easy precision in my garrysmod/garrysmod/lua folder then I get script errors if I join on the server and the tools can’t get used

What can I do now ?

Sorry for my english… I’m from germany

Odds are you’re using the GM12 versions. You’ll need to find an updated version and get it for your server.

But where ?
I can’ find a updated SVN version or someting :confused:
Did you find any ?

Well if you search around on workshop there’s a few like a weight tool here: You’ll have to look here to install them:

So I did this…
But in a tutorial of youtube, the guy who created the youtube tutorial said for the API key, I need to type in “

Is this legal ?
Because, it isn’t MY domain

This is his tutorial:
Go to 2:50 for the API key…