Garry's Mod: How to send a DLL?

Garry’s Mod provides a C++ API to create server-side and client-side DLLs.

As it is said in the article “Creating Binary Modules”, they must be placed in the “garrysmod/lua/bin/” folder, but what do I need to do if I’d like to send a DLL to a client, which is required for a lot of tasks, I think?

My DLL includes and executes local as required, but not networked (only if it was added manual to both sides).

What I have tried:

  1. Tried to do nothing, just placed server-side and client-side DLLs in the server folder. Result: no DLL on the client.

  2. Tried to add both DLLs to an addon’s bin, and then added the addon to both the server and the client. Result: the game doesn’t include the DLL from the addon’s bin folder. I can’t just add a DLL to a client, because I’d like to run a dedicated server with this DLL, so it should be sent and include by clients automatically. Here I tried to do it through addons, which are networked.

  3. Tried resource.AddFile and resource.AddSingleFile and AddCSLuaFile (I know, it’s stupid, but I tried it anyway). All these functions can’t send a DLL to a client.

  4. Tried to use file binary reading/writing and net.Write/ReadData to send a DLL successfully, but there is no opportunity to create it somewhere else, instead of data folder.

Please, if you know any way to share DLLs to a client, help me, I’ll be happy to listen to your answer.

You can’t. It is a request much asked for some modules like yours but I doubt it will be realized considering the security risks and the state of the development team.

It’s so sad to hear. ( Maybe, there is still some workaround solution.