Garry's Mod Hub - A new gamemode concept. (Extremely early WIP)

Hello there!

You’re probably asking yourselves, “What the hell is Gmod hub?”. Before I explain I better say this… As many of you will know, earlier this year GMOD Tower was closed for good, and was moved onto Steam and is now called Tower Unite. Yes, this new game mode will be based on GMT (Gmod Tower), but it won’t be an exact copy of it. GMOD Hub will be sort of like a virtual world, with an essence of gaming, fun, and creativity.

What GMOD Hub will include…

• Character customization (Not just a pointshop wink)

• Your very own customizable apartment

• Fun and unique gamemodes, for example, Soccer, Golf and Trampoline Parkour (none of these are confirmed yet, but will probably be added)

• Shop NPCs (press e and a buy menu opens up)

• A hub for Gmod hub which includes shops, the apartment building, an arcade, and much more

Well, there you go. That was a brief description of my new WIP gamemode; Gmod Hub. If anyone would like to help with the gamemode, or would just like to ask about it, feel free to add me on Steam (click the Steam link on my Facepunch profile)!

Bye! -Jackman

1 line in and I’ve already been lied to :v:

How good are you with lua?

Excuse my bravery but not even you believe what you wrote, you’re not fooling anyone.

i feel betrayed

I’m sorry, but if you don’t have the intelligence to use Facepunch properly you probably don’t have the intelligence to make a good gamemode.

Oh yeah totally, we totally don’t have a gamemode arleady and a game made by the same creators.

You just want to recreate tower unite or what. What’s the point.

Nope, I already know it’s going to be a Gmod Tower clone without even having to read any further…

What is so bad about someone who wants to do something THEIR way. I mean sure it’s been done, loads of times before. I am not saying this guy will be able to pull it off, but most things start off this way.

I first got into when my brother was creating his first gamemode (A lobby). Sure, it was pretty crap, but he never let go of the idea until recently when he decided it wasn’t worth putting time into and there were bigger projects he could tackle. Anyway, I don’t know if it was from curiosity of being able to creating something of your own, or if it was simply that I have a desperate need to out-do my brother sometimes, but that’s what got me into Lua.

Meanwhile, “It’s already been done before” is being said like it’s a reason not to do something. In fact, it’s by looking at how other people have done things, and applying that knowledge to your own projects that people get better at programming (But not just, this is true for many skills).

My advice to you now, OP, is this. You want to do something, do it. People generally won’t be on your side until you have something to show. We have all seen the “idea” guys running around the place with no skills what so ever, so it gets tiresome seeing something who says that will do something, and it never actually gets done. In other words, people will have a complete lack of faith in you until you give them a reason. Creating a Lobby is one of the bigger projects to take on, and you need a fair amount of knowledge in quite a few areas to pull it off. I’d say take some time to say with conviction that you know what you’re doing, and come back with a sprucy pic of what could be.

Good luck to you.

My point, and I think the point of all of us negatively commenting here, is that there is no need for this Facepunch thread. He’s free to work on whatever he wants, crappy or not, but there is no point in spamming the forums with threads like this.

If you manage to do something meaninful, then feel free to post, even if it’s not fuly ready yet.
This thread, however, is nothing more than an ideas guy posting his idea with zero real work done.

Yeah so like pretty much what I said?

Yeah, but I think you’re being a bit too nice with him.

What’s your reason not to be nice? In my books, a person will always have my respect until they give me a reason not to. Not to be confused with trust, that would be idiotic, but really what does it cost to be supportive. But hey if not being nice makes him a better programmer in the future, I’m all for it :sex101:

It’s the ancient path of the novice Facepuncher.

  1. He registers into Facepunch with expectations created out of his imaginary view of the forum.
  2. He makes a dumb post, usually in the lines of “I’m gonna make this yuuuge osom thingy it’s gonna be great!”.
  3. He gets scolded and is either excluded or banned from the forum (he might also simply go inactive).
  4. The things change a bit here depending on the person:
    4.a) If he is a bit smart and willing to learn, he will take it as a challenge and will come back in the future with the homework done.
    4.b) If he is average and/or lazy, he might simply visit the forums from time to time, shitpost a bit here and there, etc. An average Facepunch user, that is.

If we allow this kind of threads by opening our arms to them, are we really better than communities that I will not mention but that incidentally have a Subscribe button.
Is that what we want? Just wondering.

In any case, this chat is quite offtopic and we might as well call this a dead thread. If you want to continue this conversation, feel free to PM me.

So umm… How’s the project going OP? :goodjob:

Yea, just posting stuff that he “wants” to do, but probably never will do, look at him, he only got 1 post, so I think its just a troll. Besides, someone made a basic lobby concept for gmod already, I think it was phoenix or so, dont remember, its no need to make the same stuff all over again.

I personally encourage you to create something unique rather than replicating something that has been done before.


No one would have said it better than garry

Just gunna put that one out there.

Alright, best of luck