Garry's Mod HUD disappears

Okay whenever i startup garrys mod everything is normal
I can see
>my health bar/meter
>my crosshair
>what weapon im selecting

but then when i go into the spawn menu the menu covers up my health crosshair etc…
then i will exit out of the menu and all the things the it covered up are gone
if anyone has any way to fix this please help!
if u need my specs just ask thanks
here’s some screenshots

after the the menu is opened then closed i get this

help me please!!!

Don’t run the game in DirectX 7 mode.

Thank you for responding i appreciate it
but unfortunatley whenever i go to a mode higher than directX7 when garrys mod starts up it gives me this error is there a way to fix this error ?


I have this problem too, I NEED HELP.

Have you updated your drivers?

How do I run the game with something other than DirectX 7?
Is it a console command or something?

Get a better graphics card.

I think we all understand that getting a better graphics card would fix it. But we shouldn’t have to! It never did this, then one day I got some stupid update and now my game does just the same as up there. Is there anything other than buying a new graphics card?

Well i’ve had a problem like this by running directX 9.0C mode with my NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ and my 9500 GT.
Both does the same…

i smell warez

man i have the same problem except i cant even see my hud even one little bit.

I have your solution: Everytime you go into garry’s mod you have to go into options, and select “Window” instead of fullscreen. It will stay like that. Then every time you go into gmod switch the window side. Then switch it back.

I get that error because im not a moderator on this computer.
So if there is more than 1 user put the game into the shared folder, or just steam itself.(though steam is family friendly…)

Ya… Im new here… but w/e about that.

That solution is annoying… and it slows donw the game aslo… so it’s pointless… You have to keep minimizing, and restoring th game… again… again… and again… it’s annoying… any better solution?

i made a new thread about the same problem a min ago

Link please?

Nvm i found it