Garrys mod humor.

I was walking back to my house on DarkRP, and I found this.
It made me laugh so much, hope you enjoy it. A like and comment would help!

Link is broken.

Fixed it my friend.

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This was not set up, I don’t even know who it was.

Was that supposed to be funny?

Oh… Oh my god…please take it away… the humor is too much!

You had to be there right?

Yeah! I found it funny;)

…If this is what the GMod video community is coming to, I will miss it so.

also this:

You serious?

Ah yes, as I said I was walking back from the local gun shop and I saw this outside my house, so I opened it and he threw bugbait at me, exactly like in the video. So I thought it would be great to film it and save it so I can come back and watch it. When I said it was not set up, I meant I did not know him nor did I know he was going to build this outside my house.

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I chuckled.

That would be pretty goofy to see.

I didnt find this funny.

And neither did all those people who rated you dumb.

And stop lying, they already figured you out in the other thread.