Garry's Mod ideas

Pretty much in the name. I’d like to know about your opinions on improving Garry’s Mod to be more enjoyable and/or better.

One of my ideas is that you can use a custom player model in any server without that server having to download the model in order for you to use it instead of appearing as a Kleiner model.

The custom player model thing isn’t a bad idea, the person should have an option to enable or disable the ability to upload player models onto the server though. And the hoster should have this option to allow people do it too.

Environmental “wind,” occasionally blows light props around, I don’t know.

Really Really Really big maps

For that you’d have to re write the source code entirely. Then you got other people running older hardware that yeah may run well on small maps like gm_flatgrass but may not run nicely on maps x20 bigger than construct or flatgrass. Plus I doubt you’d need a really big map. Not to mention the prop limit before source crashes and your hardware. It’s yes probably possible but not needed and it just creates more lag and it could yes be built into the updated version or beta 13. (see GMod 13 beta and wait to see if there are map improvements)

That’s down to the map.


That’s not going to happen though. People will just abuse it by uploading nude alyx models. And even then, only if it was possible. You would have to refresh the VFS I’m guessing, and then all the other clients would have to download the model.

A tool wich allows you to control an NPC’s bones to make a certain animation, wich you can save, (i know HAT already sort of does that, but i always found it kinda advanced)

In my opinion, Garry should add the most popular stools that are used in building. Examples, Smartsnap, Easyprecision, Nocollide Multi, Smart weld, Stacker tool, Keypad, etc etc


Maybe for totally new people descriptions for certain tools(correct me if they exist, I don’t pay attention to that)