Garry's Mod in-game microphone problem

i have a small problem, its not so bad that i cannot play gmod but it is kind of annoying. Once i was playing on fretta and there was this minge spamming over microphone, so i typed something into the console to stop it. However i forgot about it and also forgot what command i put in, so now im stuck not being able to hear what anyone can say in any server (and yes i have tried cl_alltalk nothing happened) please help! D:

Are you sure you just didn’t disable voice chat? Because if you put something in console, It’ll reset every game you play and you’ll have to keep re-entering it. Unless, you put in GMOD launch options which it doesn’t look like you did.

i am pretty sure i put in cl_alltalk 0 into console, but when i put in cl_alltalk 1 nothing happens. Maybe i should just reinstall gmod, it works for any other problem.

Have you checked options->voice and see if you have it enabled?

You know you could just go in the mute menu instead of typing some strange things.

Emperus, i went into the menu and checked, it was all on, so its not that.

Euphytose, i tried that at the time, it was one of those spammers that you cannot mute in the menu

voice_enable 0

YAY, i tried the voice_enable command and it worked perfectly! Thanks DeathDoom.

Cheers guys.