Garry's Mod in Source 2?

It could be a possibility, but would take a long time


This is completely different, not a sequel, but a remake in the source 2 engine.

So someone other than Facepunch making a remake? Source 2 tools and info aren’t even released other than for Dota 2, so someone thinking about making a sandbox game for the engine would be way too early to jump the gun.

No, it would still be made by FacePunch, and yes the tools and info aren’t released, but I did say it was a possibility…

As code_gs said, source 2 hasn’t been released to the public.

Again, I KNOW!
I’m just saying it is a possibility, not something that should be made RIGHT NOW!

Yes because the public can really use private tools to make a game.

A remake and a sequel to gmox are same exact thing, since theres no story to continue.

There is a story, technically, you are god, and all your friends who play with you are also god.

That isn’t a story.

I know, I was joking

The sequel and remake will be the same thing – there won’t be two new GMods.

Again, joking.

idk man you seem pretty serious.

I was joking about the story, I still think Source 2 GMoD is possible.

i believe its most likely possible

How do you think its possible? There’s no reason to think source 2 would have the ability to load content from other source 2 valve games given how valve have reacted in the past to that feature in garrysmod.

Rick, your drunk, go home.

This thread is a trainwreck.

I hope Garry hasn’t given up on the GMod Sequel.