(Garry's Mod) inexplicable car wheel bone offset issue

I’ve tried compiling a car model for use as a prop_vehicle_jeep car, but when it’s compiled, one bone, the wheel bone for the right front wheel (and nothing else), is offset from where it should be, practically as if the bone moved without what’s skinned to it (the wheel) following it.
when the wheel is spun, either ingame or through posing in HLMV, it pivots originating from around the tire of the wheel, and the wheel can be spun to look like it’s properly centered to its axle.

this is how it should obviously look like:


this is how it ends up looking:


I exported the ‘suspension’, ‘turning’, and ‘wheelspin’ sequences necessary for what the model is for through the standalone Wall Worm SMD exporter, and I exported the meshes with the ‘all-in-one’ Wall Worm window’s ‘Export SMDs’ button, since I’d rather write my own QC.
note that I export my wheel meshes as bodygroups separate from the main model.

what could possibly have gone wrong?

if they’re useful:
my 3DS Max 2016 scene (note that I’ve hidden ‘shapes’ (i.e. the Wall Worm helpers) and bones through the ‘Display’ tab - also, I don’t want to pack any textures I used in the scene, but they shouldn’t be necessary to fix this issue)
the modelsrc folder for this model

I originally posted this almost exact same OP on the wallworm.net forum, but I didn’t get any help. I’m hoping I can get some help here.

the bone is just placed wrong in the reference. the relative animations work tho.

are you looking at just the SMDs? my bone issue is only present in the SMDs I export. my 3DS Max scene looks entirely like it should…

i don’t use max. so what am i supposed to do? :v: ofc i can only load the smd in blender and have a look. i only see that (max exported ?) a wrong position or you have a local transform of relative fix in your animations or whatever you did on that front wheel there. fix it and do that bunch of animation again. hard?

yesterday I forgot to mention that I redid all of the animations, but I still experience this issue. it’s still present if I remove all my animation lines, so it has to do with the mesh SMDs.

inexplicable you say?

Right click the skin modifier on the wheels, hit collapse all and re-skin, lemme know how that turns out



You can skip reskinning it by right clicking on the skin modifier and copying it, pasting it after collapsing it, and then turning always deform off and back on


If your mesh is fine before the skin modifier you can probably just move the bone and do that last step.

in my original scene, my wheel mesh isn’t offset when I switch to the editable poly modifier. even though I’ve already tried, I re-skinned the wheel, but it’s still offset when compiled.
note that the wheel bone is offset in my mesh SMDs, while the wheel mesh itself is technically exactly how it should be. this bone offset is only apparent when animations come into play, because of how the wheel pivots.

this also now happens to another model I’ve tried compiling.
it’s basically the same, the right front wheel bone is offset in a weird manner while all the other bones are exactly like they should be.

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I forgot to mention that I got help with fixing the problem, just a few days after I last posted - it was simply caused by the fact that I had used the “Mirror” button in 3DS Max to lazily mirror the front “steering” bones.

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