Garry's Mod info_speech.mdl


I have no experience in modelling, so I would need some help changing only one thing on this model.

Instead of the orange on the site of it, I would like it to be red instead, and put a logo in the middle of it, instead of the dots (…)

What editor should I use, and how do I change things like that?


(info_speech.mdl is the speech bubble that comes up when you write something in the chatbox in gmod.)

Any help ploxx

What I would do is:

  1. decompile the model
  2. use $cdmaterials path in qc to locate materials vmt/vtf’s.
  3. extract materials and modify with new colors/logo.
  4. put new materials in new path
  5. edit qc $cdmaterials path to new path.
  6. change $modelname to point to new path/model.
  7. compile qc.

What I would do is grab ivx32, hex the model to a new path, edit materials and vmt.

Job done.

No need to make extra work so something so simple.

I have no idea how to do what you just said above, I’m a complete noob at modelling.

You can COMPLETELY rework the path with decompiling, though.

If you maintain the same number of characters you can specify a custom path with hexing.

“You can **COMPLETELY ** rework the path with decompiling, though.”

Sometimes the same number of characters wont cut it.

Sometimes making extra work for little gain won’t cut it.

Noztra the easy way would be to get: GCFScape, VTFEdit and the IVX32 Hex Editor.

Follow this guide to hexing (explains gcfscape too)

Get VTFEdit, open up the .vtf for the model, export and edit in whatever image editing program you want (GIMP, Photoshop, Etc) then just import it again and save.

Ill give it a go, hopefully, I can do something that looks okay :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help people <3