Garrys Mod, Initializing Server Side Crash

Please someone help me, I have played around 200hours of Garrys Mod but this was years ago. I have never been able to enjoy the game again, I have no clue why or how but it never works. Last year Garrys Mod would crash during the final loading of servers and even single player, I gave up and left it until now. My computer has already been completely reset, no trace of Garrys Mod since today. It seems the problem has become worse, it doesnt even make it past the loading screen now, on startup it loads fast and fine until server side begins to load and then it crashes.

I have tried the usual, uninstall and reinstall
Verify Game Cache
Edited Launch settings
Ran in windows 7 and xp mode
forced window mode
and reinstalled steam

Please help, I would just like to enjoy my game again

Does it leave a minidump? If there is, upload it to,to and post the link here.

Sorry I couldn’t find the website you were after, I just put it on tiny upload

Whoops, I accidentally put a comma in the url, it was meant to be “”.

Do you have any addons/anything that could be interfering?