Garry's Mod invalid sample rate 48000 help

Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this or if this has already been asked. So i got my faceposer stuff working, however when i try to play it ingame, i get a invalid sample rate 48000 thingy and only the gesture plays.

Here are some screenshots of my Audacity settings for exporting.

Here is what it looks like ingame (look at the circled in red part, ignore the other crap that does not pertain to this)

Does anybody have a fix as to what i would do? Thanks.

Thank you! that has seemed to fix the issue. Time to test in GMOD cause in faceposer it looks all good. Geez i must really be blind or something. Will update post to tell if it worked or not.

Again, thank you.

Edit: Works perfectly fine, my friend is going to laugh when i post this to youtube.

np :slight_smile: