Garry's Mod IPhone App?

Is it possible to create a app for the IPhone that connects with Garry’s Mod like Remote connects to ITunes? Maybe have a virtual keypad app that would act as your keypad on your keyboard. But I think something like this would be very interesting to see.

Note: sorry i thought he meant the ENTIRE gmod game

…maybe a rcon client but not a gmod client

  1. Phone can’t handle it
  2. No one has the rights, and Garry wouldn’t do it

Yes, it is very possible and would not be that difficult.

Infinity all it would be doing is sending input to the game. So it’s easily possible.

I am pretty sure it can handle sending keypad input signals to the players PC. Maybe even while you are out and about have it send a input signal to your PC to do something random on a server or something. :smiley:

Edit: My problem here is, I don’t own a mac D: so I am pretty much excluded right now from creating an app for the IPod/ IPhone.

Garry wouldn’t do it because it’s not Microsoft and it sounds too complicated to me anyway. Apple would probably also reject something like that just because they would.

I dunno… I think they would allow it though, since there have been apps like this in the past that connect to your PC to do stuff. (Like the VNC app)

Edit: Garry might do it since he owns an IPhone. :slight_smile: Although I don’t know if he owns a mac…

There are apps that control your PC via Iphone just use them.

Really! :open_mouth: Examples?

But yes it would be cool to be able to do more than just a keypad. -_- I am sure a lot of coders could do cools stuff with something like this.

Already exists. It act as a touchpad and keyboard thru wireless and you install a client on your PC. Tough, it sucks I have it. Just jailbreak your device and get a cracked copy first to see why it sucks.

OOOHH i thought he ment GMod game on the iphone that has the entire 3d engine in all. Sorry XD

Maybe a App that interacts with Game Modes possibly? And have custom hooks and stuff you can call on the IPhone or something like a HUD possibly. I’ll have to think of more ideas in-depth. :slight_smile:

One thing I have experienced as an iPhone developer is that the EULA does not permit scripting languages built into your application unless it’s Javascript as included in Webkit. That might limit your ideas a little as far as custom hooks goes. I already thought it would be cool to make something like that but abandoned it.

(I actually don’t own an iPhone, I just develop for it at work) :slight_smile: 2004 era Nokia 3200 ftmfw.

Challenge accepted!!


Gmod on the lowest settings on a IPhone? Sure, why not.

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What would be the point? It’d take a lot of work for little payoff.

If the iphone has IRC apps then I can think of a way to do it