Garry's Mod is acting weird...

Hi, I bought Garry’s Mod and I really enjoy play with it, but I have this strange thing, after like playing 15 minutes, the game is freezing for like 10 seconds and everything is weird then. I updated my drivers but it keeps happening. I have toke pictures with xfire and I give you some more info, and I apolagize for my bad English.

I own just Counter Strike Source
System Specification: Well, I can handle GTA IV good, so gmod woudn’t be a problem.
Gmod Addons:

And here are the pictures I toke with xfire. See? I said it was weird. (Watch the pictures of gmod…)

Really nobody who wants to help me?

What graphics card are you using?

looks to me like you got yourself a virus. Because of that start menu word change thing, that is. Have you been on any random servers? Ever? Whether or not reinstall garry’s mod. If you have addons, just save them somewhere, unless you’ve never been on a server, in which case it was probably one of your addons. if that is the case you should probably post a list of your addons so someone can identify the virus. Or maybe its not a virus and I just sound like an idiot. :slight_smile:

i got this problem, ryt after gmod update, i freeze every 10 seconds, and btw, are ur wiremod and phx3 svns?

Sigh, please do this: Click on start, hover over My Computer, right click, and select properties. It should tell you everything you have in your system. Anyways it looks like a graphics card problem (telling by the picture of G-Mod you took are really fucked up looking). First, reinstall. Just rename your G-Mod Folder in Steam/Steamapps/<SteamUserName>/ to something like, “Gmod old”. Then start Garrys Mod, it will reinstall and if that doesn’t work, Find out what graphics card you’re using.

It’s not a virus of any sort, and cleaning GMod will not fucking work.
Now, this is to my knowledge: this usually happens with A: Outdated drivers, or B: Overheating graphics card. I would suggest monitoring the card, and making sure you have the most up to date drivers.

I’ve had this problem. As DeathDoom said, its either your video drivers being updated or your graphics card is overheating. I updated my drivers and now it works perfectly.

Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT

This are my mods:

I updated my card, but it’s the same problem… But if the problem would be that my card is overheating (so it’s to hot?), how do I fix it? So it would be not too hot or not too cold?



Did you try reinstalling gmod?

Get a heatmonitoring program (HWHeatMonitor) works fine. Oh and for future reference a graphics card cannot be too cold.


Something wrong would be the card going over 85C while playing.

So if I download this heatmonitoring program, then my graphics card will be controled and will not get that hot? Where can I download this heatmonitoring program? Thx!

Or just get a fan

A fan? What’s that? And if it’s hardware, no thx, I won’t buy any hardware that costs much money…

This is a fan:

This is a computer fan:

They are both fans.

Does look like the card is overheating. Download that program Kybalt mentioned, play GMod until this happens, then quit and open up the program and look at the temps.

Thx, for the advice guys, I’ll try it so fast as possible but school go’s in first place… And don’t see me as ‘what a stupid boy, he doesn’t even know what a fan is…’, well I’m just a 12 year old Russian boy that is moved to Belgium and just since 1 month ago, gets English in school. So don’t be too hard on me. :slight_smile:

I Searched for ‘Kybalt’ but I didn’t find anything that looks like a program. A simple link, please?