Garry's Mod is dying?

Anyone else seem to think Garry’s Mod is a dying game? I feel every time I go on, every gamemode is nearly dead, except for TTT and DarkRP. I never seen anything new, that is somewhat popular. Anyone else feel the same way?

The game is over a decade old, of course its not as popular as it used to be

Blame Garry’s shitty DayZ clone.

If anything it’s gotten more of a player base over the last year and a bit compared to 2 - 3 years ago but in terms of quality yeah it’s dying.

Player-base wise it is thriving more than ever before, but a lot of the good programmers have left, sure there’s still plenty willing to develop, play, and what not, but some developers got bored and decided to leave. The community has also taken a huge turn from what I’ve seen, the community is just a mess and almost every time I get on Facepunch I see a kid asking for help with TTT/DarkRP/M9K, the amount of addons and custom gamemodes has plummeted because they’re pushed to the bottom of the server list because of how it works now.

TL;DR It’s not dead, just in a natural hump.

I can only expand on what was said above and previous times this subject has come up; pretty sure Garry’s Mod is one of the top played games on Steam, but a lot of the players are currently very young

There isn’t any incentive for people to make new creative gamemodes because it’s very hard to get off the ground, unless you’re lucky to be noticed by youtubers. It’s not very inspiring, especially when gamemodes take a LOT of work and there’ll always be some cunt who renames DarkRP to something related to a shitty fad and get tons of players within a day

Like, not to be rude, most of the gamemodes that get posted in Addons & Releases lately have either been 1. roleplay related, 2. huge concepts with lots of ideas but no sign of release or gameplay, or 3. Looks cool but doesn’t gain much interest and quickly gets buried, which is the biggest shame in my opinion

Well thats a scary thought for somebody considering making a gamemode :confused:

That right there is formulated in an extremely soft way. One of the still most active community parts are the builders in GMod. But you rarely see them posting here on FP, except the “celebrities” among them.

Another part that’s still quite active are the coders. With Expression Advanced 2, Rusketh gave them a lot of coding-food but those one mainly sees around servers, not forums.

Yeah I honestly don’t think it’s dying but it does need a big boost in community development wise.

LOL, I don’t mean to scare people off with that, like I would fucking love a new mode to sink a thousand hours into since I’ve overplayed TTT, ZS and sort of JB at this point

A prime example of shitty role play edits is this SCP. Like honestly I went on to see why so many people are on it and all it is Dark RP with new job names, shitty map, and Mass RDM.

I don’t really know whether to be scared or not. I’m currently in the makings of a roleplay gamemode from scratch, and to be honest, I’m not really scared of having no population in the gamemode, as I feel pretty confident it will catch on. But then again, isn’t that what every gamemode developer would say?

Shitty YouTubers such as Vanoss, Venturian and Pewds ruined it.

I wouldn’t mind see how this “roleplay gamemode” is once you finish it up

I’m honestly really surprised there isn’t just a huge/plain Gmod Deathmatch gamemode, since a lot of people who play other modes just seem to want to kill people constantly :v:

I did make a gamemode like that, with classes and vehicles and levels and control points, it completly flopped, everyone joined, died then left, here’s the gametracker graph:

Tbh the only thing I’ve been coding outside of scriptfodder is shitty Lua hacks.

The only reason I still play Garry’s Mod is because of the community on servers. Whenever my favorite servers are dead, I usually stay off Garry’s mod for a few days.

Garry’s mod is not dead, its still has an active player base and is one of steam’s most played games.

There’s a lot of reasons why Garry’s Mod’s quality is in the dump that goes WAYYYYY beyond little kids.

First off, there’s the lack of creativity. Look at what’s being submitted right now. The front page is filled with server content, deathrun maps, and models. When’s the last time anyone made anything even remotely original in the past week? Jack shit. It’s especially sad when you consider that this is a sandbox game. Keyword here, sandbox. You can create anything if you know basic lua, you can create your own NPCs and make your own weapons, why waste it on a sound gun that will make someone laugh for five seconds and then proceed to just clog up the workshop?

Second, there’s the servers. Garry’s mod’s servers are in the toilet considering most of the servers are just DarkRP with a thousand different jobs that all turn out to be the same thing with slight edits, TTT servers where little kids run rampant and freekill without repercussion, and Sandbox servers that get DDoS’d for god knows why. Servers have also pretty much become a business now where you can make a DarkRP server and cram it full of donator perks and end up getting rich quick.

Third, the youtubers. Yeah, yeah, you all probably know the youtubers are a problem, but it goes beyond them just being annoying. The thing that makes the youtubers the worst part of Garry’s Mod’s community is the fact that they both cause the hordes of twelve year olds to flood to the game AND they leech off of everyone that make a mod. Look at Vanoss’ channel, look at Venturian’s channel, look at any popular youtuber’s channel and take note of their viewcount. They have at least a million views on a good majority of their Garry’s Mod videos and it’s pretty safe to say that they’re making money off of their videos. Videos that involve them using an addon that someone else made for free. They go onto the workshop, pick a few addons from the front page or dig down a bit, find some random addon, run around with it on a 7/11 map while screaming and blowing themselves up, then make bank off of the footage they take of it. We make the addons, some of which take months of work to complete, and never see a dime for the work we make (excluding scriptfodder) and then these assholes come in and get showered in cash just for screaming on video. Even worse is that a lot of them NEVER link to the addons that they use and instead link to some shitty T-shirt store and then their fans assume that THEY made the addons when in reality, they know fuckall about coding.

So to answer the question, the Game itself isn’t dead, it’s got a huge playerbase, but the quality of the game has dipped into a bottomless pit of shit filled with sharks, ninjas, acid, Pewdiepie, and tesla coils and has been ruined. The ninjas are also on fire.

tl;dr No creativity, shitty servers, and youtubers made the game shitty even though it’s played a ton still.

I wish we could just pull it out of that state because Garry’s mod is by far one of my favorite games to play and the most time played